Frequently Asked Questions

 Are Girls on this Site Real?

Most of the women’s profiles in Mail Forwarding Bride Gallery are represented by our local affiliate agencies cooperating with us on partnership program. Our partner agencies are obliged to verify their women’s database to avoid scamming or fraud. Unfortunately, we do not have a possibility to meet our members personally due to the big number of people and also geographical variety. It is not easy to know the true intentions of each member. That means that We simply provide a venue for people who are keen on dating or more. However, we do monitor the site 24/7 and if we see any suspicious profile, it will be suspended instantly. We work hard to keep our database clean from bogus profiles.

What Is Your Anti-Scam Policy?

We do struggle against such members, delete their information, block further access to the site, and add information to the blacklist. The site moderators reject suspicious profiles and monitor the activity of site members. Therefore we urge our members to be on their guard and notify us of anything suspicious. Most depend on the members themselves.

Unfortunately, we do not have a possibility to meet our members personally due to the big number of people and also geographical variety and due to these reasons, it is impossible to filter out all scammers. On our side, we offer good conveniences for our members to get new acquaintances and start relationships but the success of this relationship depends only on the couple who choose each other but not us.

How Do I Know those Women Are Really Interested in Marriage, and Not Just a Green Card?

No one can really get an idea of what goes on in another person’s mind.  You shouldn’t trust anyone online if you are dating via websites. Especially if you haven’t met this person in real life yet.

However, corresponding with a lady and (preferably) meeting her personally should give you a good idea of what kind of person she is. As for moving in the USA, in order to get unconditional permanent residency in the US a foreign bride has to stay married to a US citizen at least for 2 years. Combined with the processing time, this makes about 3 years - a lot of time for you to get to know her closer. Can a woman be so pragmatic to have you as a means to move abroad for the permanent living? It is possible, but from our experience, we can judge that most of the women coming to USA and US countries with a fiancée visa have honest intentions.

A Girl on EC Website Asks for Money, What Should I Do?

Please mind! NEVER SEND MONEY TO ANYONE YOU CORRESPOND WITH ON THE SITE! No matter what kind of reasons a woman gives you. You should contact the site administrator if anyone asks you for money any other material things to be sent outside EC website! EC website has zero tolerance towards such a behaviour by any member. As you can see there is a great variety of gifts represented on the site and you can make your sweetheart happy by sending her one. Anyway, you will get a photo confirmation of the gift having been delivered to her. 

I Need a Girl to Share her Personal Information Like Second Name and Address to Send her a Package from my Country. What Should I Do??

We do not recommend our members to do that just because this is dangerous within digital fraud, phishing and etc. Someone would use personal data for further profit. And for a person you know online the information she has posted in her profile is enough, but no more. There is a great variety of gifts on Enchantment Club website to order for your sweethearts. If you fail to find the one you need please contact us we will arrange a private gift by your request to be sent to your sweetheart.

I Received an E-mail and the Person is Scouting or Advertising their Business or Website/Conveying a Survey or Research/Claiming to Work for or With Enchantment Club Website.

A genuine member would never contact you in order to perform a survey or advertise their business or website. Please, contact us to inform us of:

  • Members who ask you for money in any way
  • Members scouting you for their business
  • Member advertising their business or website to you
  • Members claiming or stating that their business or website is affiliated or endorsed by Enchantment Club in any way
  • Members claiming that they are conveying a survey for Enchantment Club
  • Members who are performing research or a survey for any other reason
  • Members claiming that they work for Enchantment Club

If you experience any of the above scenarios from a member please forward the phone number or e-mail you received requesting money or advertising their business or website to us immediately at  and we will remove and ban the member from our website. We are taking every measure to ensure that all Enchantment Club members are genuine but occasionally a "bad apple" will join the system and we apologize for this, however, please also ensure that you do use your own gut instinct, initiative and common sense when dealing with people over the Internet.

How can I get girl’s contact information if our relationship is serious?

We do not allow contact between members outside our website before they have officially exchanged contact information. Outside contact includes our competitor websites, social network websites, Skype, email address, etc. Outside contact violates our Terms and Conditions and may violate the IMBRA law, which may, in turn, jeopardize a girl’s chance to get a US visa in the future and men's chance to sponsor a K-1 visa. It also opens possibilities for fraud. We do not allow our ladies to contact men outside the website, or to respond to men's attempts to circumvent our rules. If you are contacted outside our website by someone claiming to be a lady from the website, please be cautious as this could be a scam attempt. All of the above applies only until you have officially exchanged contact information. After the contact exchange, you are free to communicate without our involvement.

And once again. We highly recommend you to use our messaging system until you completely feel comfortable in giving out your details. Be smart, get to know the member of our safe and secure site and move on from here. Once you started your independent communication outside Enchantment Club we take no responsibility for all what would take place between you and your partner afterwards. If you both decide to start communication outside EC website you will have to send us the request for providing you with your girl’s contact information.

Before requesting the girl’s contact information you have to consider which Gallery her profile belongs to. There are 3 types of Galleries on EC website. Mail Forwarding Brides Gallery, Open Gallery and VIP Gallery

 Girls represented in the Mail Forwarding Brides Gallery are open to communicating through Enchantment Club website only. You can get their contact information for further independent communication after exchanging 20 letters (from both sides) with the girl.

Once you are eligible to receive a girl’s contact information, if you live in the USA, you need to complete a disclosure statement, required by International Marriage Broker Regulation Act. A translated copy of this form will then need to be signed by your girl. For members who reside counties other than the USA, the request goes straight to the girl for her decision on the release of her personal information.

There will be an administrative fee of 100 credits for this paperwork performed by our independent local representative. For countries other than the USA the fee will be 80 credits. The fee will be deducted from your account when you send us a request for contact information.

Please note that exchanging personal contact information through our messaging system is not allowed, even if you both have exchanged with 20 messages; if you want to exchange your contact information with a lady, contact us.

Girls from Open Gallery are those who registered on EC website by themselves that is independent from local agencies. Their contact and personal information cannot be checked by our moderators, and we cannot guarantee their profile’s high trustworthy level.

As for the girls from Open Gallery, you may buy their contact information for independent communication for 20 mail credits each.

VIP Gallery is represented by elite profiles. They are very beautiful girls, well-educated, intelligent, and trustworthy. They may be your sports and travel companion, personal assistant or interpreter/translator.

 There are two options to communicate with them. The first is to communication through the EC website. The second is to buy their contact information. To be eligible to request contact information from a VIP Gallery girl (if she agrees to release her contact information to you) you will have to pay 150 credits fee. The fee will be deducted from your account when you submit a request for her contact information.

My Account.Why Do I Need to Register?

You must register in order to browse the ladies’ profiles, view images and purchase services.

How do I register? Is it free?

Registration is FREE, quick and easy! Visit our Sign up page and fill out your information, or use a quick registration option through your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). After registering, you will get access to the ladies’ profiles including profile photos.

How Do I Disable My NEW Email Notifications?

To disable your email notifications:

1.  Log in to

2. Select UNSUBSCRIBE link

What Are NEW Email Notifications?

Email notifications are a daily update sent to our members each day informing them of all the new emails from the lady members that have arrived that day. 

I Stopped Receiving Any Email notifications from Why?

Email notifications are sent to you automatically. If you stopped receiving notifications from it means that your mail server provider started to consider notifications of as spam. That could happen because the notifications have similar text and e-mail providers could mark it as spam. Please check Bulk or Junk folder in your e-mail account. You can also add letters from in "approved sender list", "safe list" or "whitelist" and "address book" of your e-mail provider. The problem is that the mail services do not inform you about the messages they are blocking and do not give the opportunity to get all incoming messages. You can use a method called whitelisting to guarantee to receive from our service. All you have to do is to add to the list of approved senders. That confirms to mail provider that you want to receive messages from us. Here is a piece of advice on how to do it with the most popular e-mail services: If your mail is with Gmail. Check your "Spam" folder. If you find our email there, select the message from and click "Not Spam".

How Can I Delete My Profile From Enchantment Club Website?

You should contact the site administration sending the request to delete your profile from the site. Within 24 hours your profile will be removed from the database along with your pictures.

Why Can’t I Register As The System says My Profile Has Already Been Registered?

If you started to create your ad within but then on some reason were not able to complete your registration, the system saves your login information, and when you try register anew, an error message will pop up. Our system is designed this way to protect against junk ads. If you need to continue your registration, you need to log in from the Home page as a member and this will automatically allow you to the Registration.

Why Is My Profile Blocked?

An administrator will suspend your profile due to one or more of the following reasons:

1.    Indecent photos,

2.    Inappropriate messages to other members,

3.    Inappropriate content on your profile or blog comments,

4.    Reported by few members for abuse,

5.    Fake profile or false information.

6.    A duplicated profile

Do I have to fill out my whole profile?

You don’t have to fill out the whole profile, but it will help you meet the girls who can get you interested. Just like you are looking for as many details as possible in a girl’s profile, these girls would like to find out more details about you and see your pictures as well. 

Why Should I Post My Pictures?

Profiles with pictures get browsed several times more often than those without pictures and consequently receive more responses. There is little chance that your profile will be noticed and appreciated if there is no picture in it. Majority of our members automatically choose “Show profiles with pictures” and this way you are not included in the most active search zone. It means that very little number of people may read your profile. Also, A picture in your profile will show girls that you are serious about your search. If you can't post your pictures yourself, send them to, we will add them for you. 

What Kind Of Pictures Are Not Allowed To Be Posted On Enchantment Club Website?

Prohibited pictures include but not limited to: (all pictures are subject to edit)

- Nude, obscene, sexual or otherwise offensive pictures;

- Cartoon characters;

- Pictures of celebrities;

- Pictures showing no people;

- Group photos;

- Any other copyrighted pictures.

How Many Different Ways Can I Contact a Member?

There are five different ways of showing your interest to a member. Once you are on their profiles or hovering over their profile photos you will see a list of buttons. By clicking on them you can send a message, like, add to favourites and send a gift or virtual gift.

Where Can I See How Many Available Credits Remain In My Account?

Your credit balance, as well as your credit history, is available on your homepage once you log in.

Can I Include My Personal Contact Information in My Email, Photos or Chat Messages?

Due to the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005, male members are prohibited from a direct exchange of their personal contact information through the services of any site (website links, email addresses, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, social networks pages, etc). The filter deletes any contact information included into the messages of regular members automatically. However, on EC website you are allowed to send your telephone number and your postal address, and if your girl finds it convenient she will get in touch with you. It all depends on the person’s desire. More easy, fast and free way to know if someone is interested in getting acquainted is using our LIKE feature that has been added just recently for the members' convenience.

Where Can I Get my Profile ID?

Go to your homepage. Your profile ID is shown on the top left-hand side of the page, just above your name and gender.

Can any Other EC Member Access my Personal Details?

No. Your privacy is preserved by us as long as you communicate through our site. All your personal information is confidential and we do not reveal it to any other member of EC.

Will I Be Charged for Your Services?

We do not have a paid membership like other similar sites do. Registering a profile, browsing our database and sending interest is completely free for our members. If you are a man, however, you will have to pay for opening other members’ messages and sending your messages, chat and video chat for which you need to buy credits (see next question). For women from Mail Forwarding Bride Gallery all our services are free.

How Can I Purchase Credits?

You can do it online with a credit card. Just log in, go to your homepage and buy the needed amount; the credits will appear instantly on your account.

How Much Does One Credit Cost?

1 credit costs 4 euros. 

Costs of Services?

To open a girl’s letter – 1 credit

To send a letter to a girl – 1 credit

1-minute text chat – 0.5 credit

1-minute video chat – 1 credit

To view a private photo album – 1 credit

To view a private video – 1 credit

To send a virtual gift – 1 credit

To send a private romance virtual gift – 2 credits

To send a private romance video gift – 4 credits

To send a photo attachment to the letter – 1 credit.

Who Can Add Testimonials?

Everyone can. You can send your testimonial to us from Contact Us form. Then we'll review it and post on the site. Your photo is welcome!

I Received a Message from a Member and Have Deleted it; Can You Re-send it to Me?

No, sorry. We do not keep records of messages sent between EC members.

Enchantment Club Team.

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