First date

One of the most important stages of the relationship is the first date. After all, it is after the first date you can either arouse even greater interest in the girl, or discourage any desire to continue communication with you. At best, she will put you in the "friends" category.
Dear Gentlemen, if you want to make the girl wish to meet you again, you should know the rules of the first date. Namely, what is permissible and what is forbidden on the first date. 

What Mustn't Man Do On the First Date. 


You should not be intrusive. 

You should not ring up in the morning of the date and ask: " Are all arrangements between valid?". The girl might think that you are either intrusive, or are trying to adjust your plans for the evening (if the girl cannot come, another will do)

 You should not be late for the date. Girls do not like men to be late for the dates. In case you have to be late you should call up the girl and warn her. 

You should not focus on how much you have already been waiting for the girl, if she is late; 

You should not come to the date without flowers or chocolates 

You should not speak bad about someone, including your ex-partners; 

If a girl shows discontent with something, you should not focus on it and, even more so, you should not joke about it;

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You should not speak in a directive tone (the girl should not feel subordinate or as if she were in exam);

You should not use in your conversation too abstruse terms and phrases. Girls love smart men, but not wiseacres;

You should not be a whiner, complain, talk emotionally, argue;

You should not talk about religion, politics, and national differences;
You should not show off your financial position and achievements. When bragging, a girl might consider you as her sponsor;

You should not try to kiss the girl. Leave this venture for at least 3 or even 4 dates;

You should not behave like a sex addict, or incline the girl to sex;

You should not talk on the phone during a date. Take care that no one distracts you (at least turn off the sound on the phone);

You should not be mean. This does not mean that you should buy everything around, but the girl should not feel that you are sorry to spend money on her;                                                                          
You should not apply NLP or Pickup techniques.             


You should not end a date on your own. In no case do not say: "at 10.00 pm I am to have some things to do, let's go, I'll take you home." It is the girl who is to finish the date. 

 What Man Should Do on The First Date


In advance choose the place where you would like to take the girl, before learning about her tastes and preferences;

Get dressed in a good taste and look neat;

Go on a date in a very good mood. If you, for example, had a conflict at work, then it is better to postpone the date;

Give a little gift (flowers, chocolates, etc.);

An hour before the date ring her up and offer to meet her or call for her;

Be positive, talkative, talk on different topics (have funny stories from life, jokes, interesting facts in your arsenal);

Behave in a natural way (as you behave with relatives, acquaintances and friends). Be yourself!

Be genuinely interested in the girl. She should feel that she is interesting for the man as a person, and not as an object of pleasure;

Be a gentleman. Do not forget to take care of a girl (help her with her coat, move up a chair, open the door in the car ...) Be attentive to her!

Look in the girl’s eyes while talking. You can, as if by chance, touch her, slightly hug her slightly , take her hand;

Look at the girl with admiration. Girls do not like awkward moments of silence. But if you look at her with admiration, she will appreciate it. If the gaze is distracted – is a minus;

Be generous. Sometimes the girl is shy to order in a restaurant. Take the initiative, even if it says: “No, I do not want!”;

Behave with confidence, but you should not be overconfident. Excessive self-confidence can only spoils everything;

Be sure to take the girl to the door of her apartment (house) and thank her for the evening. 

A Practical Sample of A Dialogue With A Girl 


Dialogue construction scheme: phrase + question + answer + comment + question.

For example, when you sit in a restaurant with a girl and look through the menu, you can say: 
“I have loved cherry dumplings since childhood. I remember how my grandmother making dumplings with cherries, this gathered the whole family. How delicious they were. Do you like dumplings? What kind of dumplings do you like? Oh yes, I also like dumplings with potatoes. Do you like to cook dumplings with potatoes? You see! We have a lot in common - we both love dumplings!”
Use this scheme. 

What a girl remembers after the first date is how easy and comfortable she felt with you, how much she laughed. Therefore, the task of a man on the first date is to give a lot of positive emotions. And most important thing is that you need not hurry with kisses, do not scare the girl. If a girl wants to kiss, dear gentlemen, do believe me, you will know about it!
Friendly hugs and words of gratitude for a good time will be enough at the end of the first date. 

Dear Gentlemen, following the rules of the first date, guarantees you the 2nd, and 3rd, and many more ....

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